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Increasing Mileage – Lower Your Fuel Costs…

With fuel prices rising as much as 200% in the last 4 years we are changing the way we drive. Larger less efficient vehicles are losing value and smaller vehicles are the norm on the highway these days. Being one of the many who need a larger less efficient vehicle to use for day to day activities such as hauling equipment, tools, or just garbage I have to maximize my fuel usage and try to improve the efficiency of my truck.  Using a programmer and other aftermarket add-ons such as larger free flowing exhaust and a cold air intake my power and mileage both went up noticeably on the diesel engine. Gas engine vehicles can benefit from the same add-ons as well as new tune-up techniques that will improve power and economy substantially.

Call us at the shop and we can customize a plan to get the most out of your gas guzzler. Many of our customers are offering us proof of the mileage gains within the first tankful of gas and most have noticed substantial power gains. Most of what we are doing is considered regular maintenance so the only thing you really have to lose is more money at the pumps.